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The fitness business is a $947 million industry in Michigan. We have become an incredible force for the fitness industry in Michigan by bringing together fitness businesses as part of the professional organization representing them, the Michigan Fitness Association (MFA). When you join MFA, you become an integral part of a network that speaks for the fitness business…and more importantly, the profession will gain your much-needed participation, support, and expertise.

Joining MFA is a smart choice to elevate your business and support the industry.

As an MFA member, you’ll have access to resources to help you:

Exclusive Access to the MFA Enhancement Grant

which puts State Economic Development dollars into your Business to help you grow your business by promoting Health and Wellness in your community.

Direct Advocacy for the Fitness Industry in Michigan.

Through the advocacy efforts of the MFA, your fitness business has direct representation in the Michigan government to make sure our industry issues and concerns are heard.

Members Only Access to Affinity Programs

This includes opportunities that help your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in the industry.

Industry Recognition

The Michigan Fitness Association is the only association representing the fitness industry in Michigan.

Networking opportunities with industry professionals

Networking is a key to growing your business through industry knowledge shared among professionals.

Exclusive access to Industry Best Practices & Education

Our education programs and professional development opportunities are designed to get you the knowledge that you need to run your business with current best practices and industry knowledge.

Exclusive partnership with the Small Business Association of Michigan

This provides tools, resources and advantages that help you to grow your business in Michigan.

Inclusion in Our Exclusive Member to Member Directory

It's a who’s who of fitness industry professionals and experts in Michigan.

MFA Health & Wellness Enhancement Grant

$8.5 million MFA Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant

As an MFA member, you can also apply for the Michigan Fitness Association Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant beginning September 1, 2023. The grant, provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), will allow qualified Michigan-based fitness businesses to receive dollars to enhance and promote health and wellness activities and programs within the state

Now is the best time to join to advance your business, your community, and your industry.

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