About MFA

MFA Mission

To unite, protect, and promote the interests of health and fitness businesses in the state of Michigan.

MFA Vision

We vigorously advocate for, educate, and empower fitness professionals to ensure we are recognized as an essential provider in the healthcare delivery system.

Our History

The Michigan Fitness Association (MFA) was founded in 2020 as the Michigan Fitness Club Association, but we changed the name in 2023 to be inclusive of the entire fitness industry. Our objective is to provide fitness businesses with a voice in the industry in the state of Michigan. The board then successfully lobbied the state legislature for support to promote health and wellness in communities as an important healthcare partner. Jim Stamas, member of the Michigan State Senate and former Majority Floor Leader of the Michigan House of Representatives, agreed to sponsor a bill for monetary support to achieve the goals of improving the well-being of Michiganders.

When the bill passed, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation was tasked with disseminating $8.5 million in funds through the Michigan Fitness Association to fitness-oriented businesses throughout the state of Michigan (another $4 million will be available after the first $4 million is distributed).

Today, MFA is in the process of collecting grant applications between September 5 and December 31, 2023, and will review them in the first part of 2024. The organization continues to support members by providing resources and advocacy to help their fitness businesses flourish. This includes:

  • Benefits and resources through partnerships, such as those provided by the Small Business Association of Michigan.
  • Network and collaboration opportunities with like-minded industry professionals throughout the state, along with access to the full membership list.
  • Providing chances for you to advocate for the fitness industry, meet with legislatures, and make a difference in your community.
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