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Health & Wellness Enhancement Grant

Application Opens This Fall

Health & Wellness Enhancement Grant

Michigan Fitness Association was thrilled to complete the Round 1 of the MFA Health and Wellness Enhancement Grants to qualified fitness businesses. The grant is from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) for Michigan-based fitness businesses to promote health and wellness in their communities.

Round 2 of Funding will be Announced in Fall 2024

Grant applicants must meet the qualifications for membership with the MFA, but do not currently have to be a member of the MFA at time of application. Look for application details and the process for Round 2 of the MFA Health Enhancement and Wellness Grants in Fall 2024.

More About the Grant

For further documentation on the MFA Health & Wellness Enhancement Grant, view page 142 Sub section (68) of the Public Acts of 2022, approved by the governor as well as the documentation provided by the MEDC and signed by the MFA Board on February 9, 2023 stating the grant’s purpose and case number.

MFA Grant Idea-Starters!

MFA leaders’ insights on the services and equipment that could be included in a grant application.

Wellness/Fitness Facilities Get Boosted!

MFA grants fund members to take their facilities and programs to the next level. Health expert Doctor Anthony Moreno explains why funding Michigan fitness and wellness facilities is critical to inspiring health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heard about the $8.5 million grant to help Michigan fitness businesses?

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) awarded $8.5 million dollars to Michigan Fitness Association in the form of a Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant. The purpose of the grant is to assist Michigan-based fitness businesses in promoting health and wellness in their communities.

Any for-profit, non-municipal or governmentally-owned, fitness organizations offering membership-based, brick/mortar (non-virtual), access to exercise facilities and amenities such as: cardiovascular equipment, free weights, selectorized machines, group exercise, yoga/Pilates equipment, and otherwise meets the standards pursuant to Athletic Services Providers Act 31 of 1990 (Section 333.26301, Item H).

No, any Michigan-based fitness business that meets the MFA’s membership criteria can apply for the grant. Anyone who is awarded a grant will receive three years of MFA membership with their grant award.

The purpose of the MFA Health and Wellness Enhancement Grant is to support Michigan-based fitness businesses’ efforts to promote health and wellness initiatives in their communities.

Round one of grant applications are being accepted through December 31, 2023.

The MFA board will review grant applications in the first quarter of 2024. Distribution of grant funds will start in the second quarter of 2024.

A statewide, nonprofit organization representing the fitness industry throughout Michigan.

MFA Mission: To unite, protect, and promote the interests of health and fitness businesses in the state of Michigan.

MFA Vision: We vigorously advocate for, educate, and empower fitness professionals to ensure we are recognized as an essential provider in the healthcare delivery system.

MFA is working throughout the state of Michigan to support the industry through advocacy, networking, and helping members expand their businesses to support their communities with health and wellness initiatives!

By providing Michigan fitness businesses with a voice in the state, MFA works to secure partnerships with organizations and legislatures to provide benefits and resources for members. This supports their promotional efforts to facilitate health and wellness initiatives in their communities as important healthcare partners.