Michigan Fitness Association: What is a spin class?

When most of us imagine biking, it’s an outdoor affair, perhaps a means of transportation or a fun way to get some exercise. But did you know that there are indoor cycling gyms that offer group classes with a variety of great benefits?

Benefits of spin class

Stationary bikes allow you to control the level of resistance and intensity in a way that would be impossible for a regular bike. Instructors help to guide participants through various cycling routines and encourage them to maintain a specific pace and intensity level. Classes are designed to accommodate different fitness levels, from beginners to advanced cyclists, with adjustable bike settings and varying class intensities. Many cycling studios offer specialized programs like interval training, endurance rides, and themed classes. This variety helps to keep cycling interesting, fun, and engaging. Cycling gyms are a great fit for someone who wants a low-impact workout that improves aerobic capacity and muscular endurance, while significantly increasing energy expenditure.

Average Cost of Cycling

$100 – $200 per month

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