Mark DuFresne

Mark DuFresne is the co-founder and creator of Burn Fitness LLC, in the metro Detroit area.

He is responsible for developing and overseeing all in house systems, including employee development, company culture, sales & marketing and overall operations of the day-to-day business.

Mark started working in the fitness industry at 19 years old and in a few short years learned the ins and outs of the industry by doing everything from cleaning toilets, operating front desk, opening/closing clubs to sales, marketing and management. 

These years allowed Mark to build character, absorb the full scope of the business model and gain the understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Often referred to as the guy you call when “the guy” can’t get the job done, Mark’s ring of resources and creative abilities have allowed him to help people of all ages make their dreams become a reality. 

It was these gifts and the love of human behavior that motivated him to start an underground personal development firm called UtilizeU.

UtilizeU is a “by invite only” firm that helps elevate companies and humans into becoming the best version of themselves while assisting them in making their dreams come true. Whether it’s an event, a campaign, a website, a business, a logo, or even mentorship, UtilizeU has what you need to succeed.

Between 2010 and present, Mark and his UtilizeU team have inspired, developed, and helped a number of successful entrepreneurs get their business started, all of which are still successfully in business today.